Salih Agir Qoserî visits Swansea: 10 March

Salih Agir Qoserî – Kurdish writer and translator, born in 1969. He studied at the Education Faculty of Dicle University in Diyarbakır before moving to Sweden where he studied culture and communication at Gävle University, and worked as an interpreter at Gävle municipality. He moved back to Turkey in 2006 and in 2014 obtained a Master’s Degree in Kurdish language and culture from Artuklu University, where he later taught for three years.

He has translated articles and books from English, Swedish and Turkish into Kurdish.   His   debut   was Mizgîn   Bîngol  – a translation from Swedish of  Mikael   Niemi’s   Popular Music from Vittula, published in 2009. From Turkish he translated Hasan Bildirici’s novel Dönüşü Olmayan Yol. From English: George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farmpublished   by   the Diyarbakir-based Lîs   Publishing in 2015.

His latest translation from Swedish is a novel by Karin Boye, and he is currently working   on   translations   of   Aldous   Huxley’s   Brave   New   World   and   D.   H.Lawrence’s The Man Who Died.

Salih is visiting venues in Wales with support from Wales PEN Cymru‘s Turkey solidarity project. He will be in Swansea on Friday 10 March. He will speak at a primary and a secondary school about Kurdish literature, and at Swansea Bay Asylum Seeker Support Group’s drop-in. Please call 07787436039 for details.


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